A Luxurious Essential


Often when disability strikes in the form of fatal injuries, obesity, or old age, people assume that there are several investments that will eventually drain one’s wallet without doing much good. A shopping list for wheelchair for the indoors and a medical mobility scooter for the outdoors is drawn. Given that these are some of the bare essentials required by a physically disabled person to regain his confidence, personality and independence back, it is only sensible to look at these options, but often these are heavily taxing and well outside affordability for an average family.

Insurance providers too might be less than willing to cover them. So what is to be done? For starters, the one reason that people tend to go for BOTH wheelchairs as well as outdoor medical mobility scooter is because neither is a feasible alternative for the other. But with time and innovation, manufacturers have come with a pioneering design and a ground-breaking product that is known as the all-purpose mobility electric scooters!

While travel mobility scooters weigh less than 100 pounds, have a turning radius of about thirty inches and are not wider than twenty inches, outdoor scooters are around 200lbs, some thirty-odd inches wide and have a turning radius of sixty inches. The Best All-purpose mobility electric scooters like Pride’s Victory Electric Scooter strikes middle ground. They do not have the problem of the minimal 1-1.5 inches ground clearance and can tackle rougher terrain with much agility. It is about 160lbs heavy and is between 22-27 inches wide. Its turning radius is between 38-54 inches and flaunts of ground clearance of just 2-3 inches! All these features make it a terrific choice for not only driving long distance on the road, but also for use in the indoors. Given these product specs, Victory Electric Scooters are by far the best friends of those who crave to regain their autonomy to live a fairly normal life even after sustaining disabilities.

Easy to manoeuvre and stable to drive, Victory electric scooters require very little effort but are a lot more enjoyable to use than power chairs and motorized wheelchairs. They are well worth their investment and come with different options to choose from as per preferences. For instance, the Victory 9 model comes with 3 wheels, while the Victory 10 model has 4. Choice depends on the stability required by the user. With the Victory all-purpose medical mobility scooter, it is all about striking a balance between the two extremes. Besides, there are certain sensible features like low-profile, non-scuffing tires, back-lit battery gauge and wraparound delta tiller. The carrying capacity of these scooters, depending upon the model chosen, varies between 300 to 400 pounds. Careful design is the USP of the Victory Electric Scooter. So what are you waiting for?