How to Prevent Cats from Spraying?

Have you ever smelled your cat’s urine? Well, it can be very bad. If there are many cats in your house, your house would start stinking. The stink can be unbearable. As your cats’ owner, you would try really hard to withstand the smell even though it can be tough. However, not every family member residing in the house would like to bear the smell. If your family members start protesting, then you will be forced to learn of different ways on how to prevent cats from spraying.

It is definitely not possible to completely prevent your cats from spraying. But, what you can do is try and alter their habits in such a way that they do not pass urine indoors until and unless one of your cats cannot control at any particular moment when it is in the house. An example of trying to alter your cats’ habits is that you can take up the task of training the cats so that they would go outdoors whenever they feel the urge to spray for any reason. Of course, if some medical condition is forcing them to spray, then no amount of training would prevent them from spraying inside the house. For any other reasons, they can definitely be trained.

It is common knowledge that male cats tend to spray more than female cats. I have seen many cat owners looking to take the easy option of neutering their male cats as a way of preventing them from spraying. But, it is generally not suggested to take that option unless you are very desperate. Even when you are feeling desperate, it is recommended to have some patience and try other better ways on how to prevent cats from spraying. You can try your luck finding cat spray prevention methods online. It is always better than using the easy option of neutering. There is a reason why neutering your male cats is not suggested. The common reason is that it is the easy of being cruel to your cats. But, it doesn’t stop there. Your male cats would start developing other medical problems which would be a direct result of the neutering procedure. The cats would have a troubled life and they may give you sleepless nights as a result. No veterinarian would immediately say yes to neutering a male cat unless the veterinarian is money minded. Everybody else would try and dissuade you from going ahead with it. Instead, they would ask you to consider looking for other ways on how to prevent cats from spraying.